Caddington Watch 2017

"David did a great job at keeping our attention as well as keeping the session fun. Also David welcomed comments and suggestions during the training and explained the do's and dont's of keeping yourself safe. Everyone had a great time and thought the course gave them a valuable set of life skills which made them feel more confident. I would highly recommend your Self Defense course to other groups who I feel would benefit."

Richard  2016

"I paid for a private self-defence lesson a few months ago and it went so well I came back for more. David is impressive; he knows self-defence and how to teach it. He has given me strategies and techniques which I am confident I could use if it came to it."

Hightown WI 2016

"ACS delivered a self-defense session designed for women. All our WI members really enjoyed the sessions and found it very useful as we learned simple techniques to avoid potential threats. The instructor was very enthusiastic and gave us hints of how to handle ourselves in difficult situations. Thank you Kiran for organising this!"

Helen 2016

"I have just completed a 2 week self defence course with David and can't praise it highly enough. I wasn't sure what to expect, but came away with more self confidence and courage to be able to deal with a difficult situation. The course worked at a pace suited to my friend and I, and David took the time to explain not only the theory but the practice of each situation. At no point were you left feeling uncomfortable or out of your depth. It opened my eyes to vulnerable situations and gave me the confidence to be able to protect myself in these situations. This is a course that I would highly recommend any one to take and with a great instructor. Thank You."

Sophia 2014

"My mum decided to enrol me on a one to one self-defence course with David just before I left for university in the hope that it would give me some basic knowledge on how to protect myself. However, I feel I gained so much more from those two hours than just the basics. I went in feeling slightly apprehensive, having never experienced anything of the sort before, however, as soon as I entered the room I was put at immediate ease. David was patient with my mum’s constant flow of questions and potential scenarios and was very encouraging. I can even say that despite my nervousness I really enjoyed myself. I know that I left the room, after just two hours, with far more confidence. It truly was money well spent, I’d pay even more for the help it gave me; as well as the peace of mind for my mum!"

Melanie 2012

"This was an invaluable session. Dave and Kiran have the ability to put you at ease and give you simple practical skills to build your understanding and skill in self defence. We learnt so much and would recommend these sessions to kids and adults. We had a lot of fun and feel more confident; thank you."

Niamh 2012

"I really enjoyed the 6 week self defence course. I feel much more confident and aware of my surroundings. I feel that I would be much better equipped to deal with any incident I might find my self in. David made learning fun and was at the same time thorough and informative."

Celeste 2011

"Ladies self defence is a must for all ladies out there. David provides an easy and fun way of teaching you some basic but deadly self defence skills. I had a great time and made some new friends. Don't be nervous and give it a go, I promise you won't regret it and you will smile :0)"

Kirsty 2011

"I really enjoyed the 6 week course. It was fun and I got a lot out of it. Really worth doing. It has made me more aware and alert of what is going on around me at all times. Plus it has encouraged me to get fit, I have now taken up running every morning"

It's a fact, if 20 people register for a course you'll be likely to see anywhere between 10 and 16. Two weeks into the course your numbers will have dropped to about 10/12. If after 6 weeks 10 people have completed that's an impressive result.

It's what I call the comort zone syndrome, you feel safe, unthreatened, no pressure until you step out of that zone....well actually that's not true, there's no reason to feel any of these things but human nature manufactures uncomfortable scenarios where you'll fear you'll be laughed at, ridiculed or it's just too hard.

Truth is all these preconceptions are figments of an over worried mind. Truth is that by challenging yourself you will grow, truth is that growing will give you added confidence and added confidence will make you less of a target.

And consider this ... if the thought of engaging in something physical, aggressive and intimidating in what is really a safe and controlled environment scares you, then how prepared do you think you'll be for a real world street encounter?