About Us

Who are ACS?

ACS Self Defence is one of the many ACS branded sports trading names owned and run by ACS Design & Leisure, under their catch all brand: ACS MAGFA (martial arts, games and fitness academy).

We are a Bedfordshire based company running established clubs in the Luton and Hertfordshire areas but who also supply various one-off and short term sessions in the home counties area for schools and special interest groups.

ACS Self Defence offers ladies self protection/self defence courses where the emphasis is on prevention and pr-emption rather than fighting techniques.

ACS owner and chief coach (David Brown) is qualified as follows:

- Jujitsu dan grade coach (AMA)

- Self protection instructor (BCA)

- Real Combat System dan grade (BCA)

- BETEC Level 3 Self defence instructor

- BETEC Level 3 Reasonable Force tuition

- KEWAP Knife awareness instructor (UKMAA)

- Boxercise

- Mini fencing coach

- Dodgeball coach

- Boxfit instructor

He is also  a member of:

- Amateur Martial Association (AMA)

- British Combat Association (BCA)

- United Kingdom Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA)

- Boxercise UK

- Sports Coach UK


- Coaching Beds

- Coaching Herts

- Coaching Northants

- Fitpro

Links to all other ACS related businesses:

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Site for Stopsley based Jujitsu club: www.stopsleysports.co.uk
Site for Harpenden based Jujitsu club: www.harpendensports.co.uk
ACS Boxercise: www.acs-boxercise.co.uk
ACS Boxfit: www.acs-boxfit.co.uk
ACS Go Fencing: www.acs-gofencing.co.uk
ACS Dodgeball: www.acs-dodgeball.co.uk
ACS Dance Fitness: www.acs-dancefitness.co.uk
ACS Design and Leisure: www.acs-designandleisure.co.uk


We don't aim to teach you how to fight, we don't aim to teach you how to become invincible, we don't teach you bull****

We teach you the basic skills required to help protect yourself and if, after any of our sessions, you feel sufficiently empowered to go off and learn additional combat and self defence skills, then that's great and it'll enhance your growing process.

So it's your choice, spend a few hours challenging your own expectations or sit at home and wonder should I or shouldn't I..... remember the longest journey always begins with that first step.